Freebie Promo: January 2018 Fantastic Voyages


If you are a reader who wants to download free short stories or books, I will post a news article with links for you once this freebie promo is available in January 2018. This page is basically authors setting up.

AuthorsFantastic Voyages - Free Sci-Fi and Fantasy Jan 1-15 banner

If you are an author who wants to have your free book or short story in the freebie promo, you’ve come to the right place!

Since Bookfunnel won’t let you see the details of a promo before you log on, I’ve put most of the information here.

Genres: All Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.

Type: Bookfunnel promo. Add your book here: If you’re already logged onto Bookfunnel, it’ll show up on the Promotions tab under Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Goal: Give readers free books or short stories in exchange for their participation in our mailing lists. We will all only get readers who have downloaded our own freebies. I will not get the email address of a reader who chooses your freebie and not mine, and vice versa. Bookfunnel does not get your readers’ email addresses.


  • Authors will need to share the promo on their respective newsletter lists and any social media they participate in. Any size mailing list is fine. If you don’t have or want a mailing list, sharing on social media is fine.
  • Story must be a full and complete story or book. No sample chapters, please!
  • Science Fiction or Fantasy romance is fine, even the steamy stuff, but no erotica. No explicit covers — Bare man-chest is fine. Since people have been asking, yes, YA is fine too.
  • Authors must be a member of Bookfunnel at the “Mid-List Author” level to collect email addresses. You can choose to participate in the promo at the “First-Time Author” level, but readers won’t have to give their email addresses.

    NOTE: I have two tokens for non-Bookfunnel users to get a free month of Bookfunnel at a level that allows email address collection. They will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis – just contact me and ask.

If you need to contact me with any questions or comments, please use my contact form on this site or contact me on social media. My email is also available from the Bookfunnel link.