This page is for those who want a chronology list with as little detail as possible so they can read their books and stories in order. Novels are numbered. Short stories are bulleted. For more details on any book or story, see the Books page.

Arca/Arca World SeriesZita giving an OK sign

  1. Super
    • Washout – Technically, this takes place between chapters 10 and 11 of Super.
    • Octopus
  2. Human
    • Tourists
  3. Power
    • Pie
    • Roses in December (Arca World)
  4. Monster
    • Quarry
    • Concrete
  5. Toga
    • Tough Love (Arca World)
    • Breaking the Ice (Arca World)
  6. Party
    • Sunk
  7. Sharp
    • Breaking the Bank (Arca World)
  8. Sea
  9. Change (Releasing 2024)


  • Shakedown Cruise
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