Multi-Author Promo Opportunity


The January 2018 BookFunnel promo is over. Sorry.

A segment of my newsletter subscribers loves their deals more than news on my books. I know, unbelievable, isn’t it? But since they’ve been kind enough to give me their email addresses, I’d like to keep them happy.

If you have a promo that meets ALL of the following criteria, I might be willing to mention it to the freebie-loving segment of my list.

  • All books and the promo itself seem professional.
  • All books/stories are SCIENCE FICTION and/or FANTASY or some combination thereof.
  • The promo is a multi-author promo and multiple books are featured.
  • The books must be free or 99 cents.
  • The promo will be active the first and/or second weekend of the month. My newsletters go out the first or second Friday of every month, and I will only include promos that are active at the time of the mailing.
  • You haven’t submitted this promo to me every month. Seriously. Don’t do that.

I’ll check out your promo page, and if everything looks professional and doesn’t set my virus program humming, I’ll pick the best one for the list.

To contact me, please use my contact form on this site or contact me on social media. If you already have my email address, that’s good too.